The only smart lock you will ever have to buy. It's Great. It's Portable. It's made with

Open App has created a revolutionary system for every door and access point of your Warehouse, Industry, Telecom Tower, Van, Home or Hospital. With Force, you can seamlessly unlock doors and give access unlike ever before.

Force is not the world's "first" smart padlock. But, it is a perfectly refined creation for both the modern and traditional human. It is channeling technology and love into the most basic of everyday security devices - the padlock.

There are reasons why we call this piece of technology Force.

Force is made to secure the way you run your enterprise and home.

Padlocks are one of the most primitive pieces of technology available - after all, they've been used to secure chain-link fences and more archaic enclosures since the onset of the roman era.

This is the 21st century, however, and many of the devices we now hold most dear are the ones lined with smart technology.

Open App knows this, and has looked to imbue the oft-ignored padlock with life and modern functionality.


Meet Forge, the epic smart lock that fits snugly over your external rack doors.

Another flag ship product of Open App, Forge is an Industrial grade smart lock that provides vital key management in large enterprises and conglomerates.

It is the Only smart lock in the world that's smart enough to act as a router that emits it's own Wi-fi signal just by being connected to a power supply. It can also be operated from the remotest of places without complete dependence on the Internet.

It's that simple, really.

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