We'll be brutally honest, when we started off in 2014 we didn’t know what to build, but we just wanted to.

Our common passion to make a difference brought us together and by now we truly understand the meaning of being able to join the dots backwards. We come from diverse backgrounds, humbling experiences and unique expertise making us a well knit set.

Before we knew it we were tinkering with stuff, finding new market openings and designing for joy. All said and done by this time we had all quit our high paying jobs, comfortable family businesses and just started feeling the heat of societal pressures

Today, we stand to be a company with a proven track record and a credible clientele that can vouch for us. All this time we never stopped tinkering and continued to develop what today stands to be our flagship product - The Smart Lock.

The Lock has solved a major operational problem of physical key management for our clients; helping them optimize operations and scale faster in new markets. The potential of the product far exceeds this market and into various industries like hospitality, pharmaceutical, oil and banking. The added advantage of having done this for more than a year now, has allowed us to accelerate to breath taking speeds.

As new comers, the sales cycle took us four months to close and with that we became an entity with one of the largest B2B orders for IIoT in India.

" Passion will make you crazy, but is there any other way to live ? "

- Hughes, Howard